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How to avoid a ban?

      Firstly, you need to understand the main idea of Quora: "Always share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve Immortality." It's mean that the goal of the company - to create the most extensive knowledge base. So, every answer must be as helpful as possible, and you need to imagine that person who wrote question really needs some information. And you answer like a great specialist.

     Who can ban you and why? 

     You can be banned by Quora's moderator. There are lot's of moderators, and any one of them can decide to ban you by himself. 

      Below we will write the most common causes of ban:

  • Vandalize content on the site that is editable by everyone, including questions and answer summaries.
  • Post a significant number of questions, answers, and/or comments that aren't helpful.
  • Repeatedly violate Quora policies and/or does not change her behavior after receiving a content warning.

     Also, moderators can delete your answers. It's not as scary as a ban but not nice. There are TOP 7 reasons for deleting answers:

  1. Using multiple accounts. 
  2. The question is not a sincere attempt at eliciting good answers, perhaps because it is primarily focused on making a point in an argumentative manner. Including direct advertising like "do you think that QuestionsPro is the best tool ever been on the internet too?" 
  3. The question could be considered to constitute harassment or hate speech by a reasonable observer and has the potential to make the experience of using Quora uncomfortable for targeted group(s) of users.
  4. The question's primary focus is the promotion of a product or service.
  5. The question is not written in English. 
  6. The question is incoherent or otherwise unable to be answered meaningfully, and would not be improved by straightforward edits.
  7. The question is a solicitation, classified ad and/or job posting. 
  8. The question violates Quora's Policy on Protecting Individuals.

     Are joke answers deleted?

   No, they are not deleted, but marked with as "a joke" and not shown to some users.

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