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QuestionsPro - your one-stop marketing automation tool for use in connection with Quora. Get more traffic.

The First Steps to a successful Quora marketing


Step 1

- Create or improve your account at Quora.

- Your account must be customer-oriented and contain relevant text and image

- Account description should reflect your expertise in a niche and encourage customers to visit your website or channel.

- We recommend using your own photo in high quality

- Also, you need to fill out maximum information about yourself.

- Do not forget the pinned answer. It may contain all the best information about your product or service.

- Describe your USP and CTA.

Step 2

Choose in your profile 50 interests, which are relevant for your product/service. 

P.S. Your interests may be related to computer engineering and the sale of milk at the same time. 

Step 3 

Remember your sales funnel and start with answers for the hottest audience. There are five groups of people in every funnel:

- The first group. People with an unconscious need. Those who do not know about a particular need yet. I will explain with an example of selling a car. This group includes those who have not yet decided whether to move. 

Most often, they ask questions about why the movement as a need, what are the advantages and disadvantages.

- The second group of people. People who know precisely they need to move. They even have specific circumstances that force them to move, such as the need to go to work. Often, they are characterized by questions about how to move more efficiently and others.

- The third group of people. People who are in search of the most effective solution. They know that they need to move, choose between car, bus, helicopter, weigh all the advantages. They are characterized by questions about what are the tools of movement and others.

- The fourth group of people. People who are in search of a model of there solution. They already understood that they needed a car and are looking for the most suitable model now, let be it Golf or Camry.

- The fifth group. People who know their model and are currently looking for a seller or contractor. These people are characterized by the question of the local dealer, how to buy golf on the most favorable terms and so on.

First, you need to pick up questions about your product that are relevant for group 5. Then, questions for group 4 and so on. With QuestionsPro you can find such questions or create them and leave your answer.

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